Thursday, March 21, 2013

World Poetry day

बस जैसे चलते-चलते कुछ उठा कर साथ लेते ही
बन पड़ती कोई दिशा,
जैसे गिरे हुए पत्ते को उठा कर
कि उसके गिरने से जनमता कोई बीज कहीं
"अर्थ शब्दों में नहीं तुम्हारे भीतर है"
.. out for a walk, I pick something up,
the track appears: just as, when a leaf falls,
a seed somewhere is born out of that falling.
'Not What the Words...'
Translation: Bernard O'Donoghue, Lucy Rosenstein


//Five poems in the current  issue of coldnoon, translated by Arup Chatterjee. Most of the poems are from the collection रेत का पुल / "Ret ka  Pul" //


Originally from New Delhi, he finished his undergraduate studies from the
University of Delhi. He is a very prolific Hindi poet and has so far published
seven volumes of poetry – Jagah (Dwelling ), Jaise Janam Koi Darwaza (As
If Life Were a Door), Subah ki Dak (Morning's Post), Is Chhor Par (On This
Shore), Pathar Ho Jayegi Nadi (Stone-River), Dhoop Ke Andhere (In the
Darkness of the Sun), and Ret ka Pul (Bridge of Sand). His bi lingual collection
Kavitain (Poems) translated by Bernard O'Donoghue and Lucy Rosenstein
was recently published in London. He lives in Bath, Somerset, United

A Country of My Own

There they had memorized forgetting alone
There was no country of my own; I was uncalled for,
Neither some promise to wait upon,
The wind rambles daily by the hours
Banging its head against doors and windows,
I rinse the drawers, all its contents; as if nothing was there
Objects in this room; as if I also were an object
Not finding my own wishes, save an endless quest
Holding my pulse, I search my country on the maps
Gathering directions from the shadows of sun
And all I got was a fistful of doubts

All poems of Mohan Rana have been translated by Arup K Chatterjee. Download translated poems of Mohan Rana 

Coldnoon: Travel Poetics ISSN 2278‐9650
MOHAN RANA | Five Poems ISSUE VI | MAR ‘13
First Published in Page | 22

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