Wednesday, November 30, 2016

लुबलियाना में कविता पाठ । Poetry Reading in Ljubljana

I spent almost a week  in Slovenia with very talanted and creative poets, Stanka Hrastelj, Ricardo Domeneck and Azita Ghahreman writing in their own language at the moment in Europe.
After translating each other's poetry for almost a week in an intense & a rewarding translation workshop at Škocjan.
A reading of translated poems was given in Hindi, Persian, Portuguese and Slovenian in the Book fair at Tržaška Cesta, Ljubljana, Slovenia on 25th November 2016.

कविता पाठ । Poetry Reading

Published on 17 Jul 2016
The indian poet Mohan Rana (Delhi, 1964) reads some poems and talks about his poetry in this video, recorded in Zaragoza (Spain). Rana visited Spain in March 2016 for a poetry reading in Antígona bookshop (Zaragoza) and in Voces del Extremo poetry festival (Logroño).

Poems translated from Hindi by Lucy Rosenstein and Bernard O'Donoghue. Video by David Francisco.

More info about Mohan Rana in

Video by David Francisco

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